There are many potential reasons to create a guardianship. At Seiler Mitby, we frequently help families with unique circumstances that require this court-appointed relationship, such as:

  • Parents of adult children with special needs
  • Families with a loved one who becomes mentally disabled
  • Families of individuals with terminal illness
  • Families of elderly who become incapacitated
  • Families of minor children whose parents have suddenly died

Ms. Seiler is active in the local, state, and national disability community and can guide parents and loved ones through this process with knowledge and compassion.

If you discover that the decisions your husband, wife, parent, relative or friend once made, are now being neglected, your assistance may be needed. An adjudicated disabled adult is a person 18 years of age or older who, by decision of a judge or jury, is found to lack the capacity to manage the essential requirements for their own physical health or safety. When a judge or jury finds that an adult lacks this capacity, the court may appoint a Guardian for the disabled adult.

In Texas, there are orderly legal and judicial procedures in place to ensure the rights of the disabled person/Proposed Ward. Consequently, while you may feel that a guardianship is in your loved one’s best interest, it is equally important that you are aware of the responsibilities associated with the guardianship process.